Birch Bay State Park Beach

The beach at Birch Bay State Park is perhaps the most popular beach in Birch Bay. It features 1 mile of waterfront, has a boat ramp, and plenty of room for families to stake out their own section for a pinic or laying in the sun. The shallow water is great for kids as they can wade and play and at low tide they can explore the flats and tide pools. Clamming is very popular here as well. There are plenty of bathroom facilities including a shower area. Visitors parking in the park do need a Discover Pass.

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Birch Bay Beach Access Points

The State Park may be the most popular beach but there are plenty of other places to get to the water in Birch Bay! The entire main strip in the middle of Birch Bay is accessible from the road with public parking in multiple locations near the Visitor Center. Additionally there are also many beach access points located between cottages on the southern side of the bay with some offering limited parking space.


Semiahmoo Beach

Less than a 10 minute drive from Birch Bay is Semiahoo Spit and the long beaches of Semiahmoo Park. The beach is just over a mile from the park to the resort and features a mix of rocks and sand. You can also cross to the Drayton Harbor side of the spit where a trail runs all the way down to the marina. The marina has floating concrete barriers and you’ll often see the seals sunning themselves here.


Point Whitehorn Reserve Beach

It takes a 1 mile hike through the beautiful Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve to get down to the beach but you’ll be rewarded with a quiet windswept cobble beach that extends from the point all the way down to the BP tanker docks. You could walk for miles here along the bluffs and not see another person. A great place to stop for a picnic after hiking the nature reserve trail.