The annual Birch Bay Ring of Fire & Hope takes place each December 31st at 7pm. Everyone heads down to the shore and lights a biodegradable road flare and places it near the water. With people all around the bay participating, the effect is beautiful and the entire bay looks like a string of red Christmas lights from end to end.

Ring of Fire & Hope Details

2018 Ring of Fire & Hope Date, Time, Location

Date: December 31, 2017

Time: 7pm

Location: Anywhere along the shore in Birch Bay

Road Flares & Instructions

The Birch Bay visitor center will have a limited supply of flares available to the public.

Flares should only be handled by adults.

At 7pm light your flare and place it on the shore near the water. It will burn for approx 15-30 mins. 

Do not leave any trash on the shore (plastic cap from flare).