Get ready to dig in. We are bringing back the in-person Sand Sculpture Competition for summer 2021! It’s amazing how with a little imagination the beach at Birch Bay transforms into a series of sand castles and sand sculptures. Be creative and build sand sculptures such as geometric free-forms, sea turtles, alligators, mermaids, mythical castles, or your favorite pet!

Sand Sculpture Competition Details

2021 Sand Sculpture Competition Rules

The main rule is to have fun and enjoy the day in Birch Bay!

All Categories:

  • Plots are up to 20’x20′
  • Work must be confined to plot area.
  • Plot must be clearly marked with colored stake designating division.
    • You will receive your stake at check-in
  • Extra water to wet the sand is ok.
  • Tools or forms of any sort may be used in the process of construction, but may not support the sculpture.
  • Decorations such as flags, kites, figurines, ornamental natural to design may be used, but may not support the structure.
  • You must clean your area.
    • Only biodegradable and earth friendly materials are allowed to be left on the beach.

Children’s Categories:

  • One adult may assist with initial digging, but not with actual building.

*After judging stake must be turned in and area must be cleaned to receive any awards earned.

2021 Event Schedule
2021 Sand Sculpture Competition Results

Our Sand Sculpture Competition winners are now posted on our Birch Bay Chamber Website!

Click the button below to see our judge’s favorites from this year! We had so many amazing sculptures it sure was hard to pick the winners! Thanks to everyone who came out and built such amazing sculptures in the sand!

Sand Sculpture Competition 2021 Winners Rollback Weekend Car Show Winners
2020 Submissions

Team: Dragon Slayers

Team: Sandbox Rejects

Team Mountain Man Matt & Son

Team: Littlest Bee Keeper

Team: Sunburn

Team: Hubbell Mermaids

Team: Sandtastic Days

Team: Buma Bunch

Team: Mermazing

Team Mer-tastic

Team: Never Smile at a Crocodile

Team Fishy Friends

Team: Blue Oyster Cult

Team: #BlackLivesMatter

Team: The Swiggsters

2019 Sand Sculpture Competition RESULTS

Saturday, July 20th Winners:

Little Kids Division (Kids under 8 years old)

1st Place – Team Bananas, Captian Ella Van Holfwegen (Make believe Island called Hatuka)

2nd Place – Team Castle Builders, Captian Paxton

3rd Place – Team Rocket – Captian Evan (Bey Blade)

Tweens (Ages 9-14)

1st Place – Octabuck, Captain Emma Riemer (“Thanks A Latte – Octopus arm holding a Starbucks cup)

2nd Place – Luna the Hippo – Captain Lea Artiguenava

3rd Place – Team USA, Captain Taryn Walters (Equal justice honoring the girls of the US Soccer team – “Dream Big – Equal Play for Equal Pay!”)

High School (Ages 15-18)

1st  Place – Team Castle of Dreams, Captain Ryan (Something you would see in your dreams – a castle on top of a turtle shell with rocks balanced on top)

2nd Place – Team Ocean, Captain Maya Daniels (Turtle, octopus and shark with shells for teeth)

Big Kids (Ages 19 – 100)

1st Place – Team Octopussy, Captain Alli Willis (A huge Octopus)

2nd Place – Team Tidal Defense, Captain Rick Tippe (Pirate Ship Wreck)

3rd Place – Team Dino MD, Captain Meagan (Dinosaurs)

Sunday, July 21st Winners:

Family Division:

1st Place – Team Hustle Muscle, Captain Katie

A Pirate Ship being attacked by an octopus, with a treasure chest filled with treasured words on painted rocks. Team members were dressed in pirate costumes and were playing pirate music.

2nd Place – Team Gogal Family, Captain Trynka

The Eagle has Landed – A beautiful eagle on its back with wings spread in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the USA moon landing.

3rd Place – Team Tess, Captain Kaitlyn

Hank the Hoarder, a shell hoarding octopus. Three generations worked together on this sand sculpture.

Community Division:

1st Place – Team Insandity, Captain Veronica

Castle & Dragons – A dragon complete with teeth and scales surrounding castles that are being destroyed by the squeeze of his tail.

2nd Place – Team Mavericks, Captain Penny

Fun in the Sun – Iguanas have fun in the sun just like the team that was building him.

3rd Place – Sand Apocalypse, Captain Bryan Bell

Battle at Sea – 2 Ships at battle firing flowers from their cannons.