Birch Bay Berm Project Progress

The Birch Bay Berm project began December 9, 2019 and was progressing nicely through the spring. A large portion of the phase 1 work was completed and current work is scheduled to end in May and restart again in September 2020.

The Northern Light also reported recently that Whatcom County budget cuts won’t effect the construction project.

Here is the update from the Whatcom County website –

Project Updates – Construction Schedule:
Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and changing limitations put in place to keep the community safe, the current construction schedule may frequently change to accommodate a safe work environment and community.

It is the Contractor and Whatcom County’s intent to finish the following work before the suspension of work at the end of May:

  • Drainage improvements and concrete work immediately adjacent to the Bay Breeze Restaurant.
  • From Bay Breeze Restaurant to Lora Lane including installation of swale overflow structures, path access points, and gravel paving along the path.

Traffic impacts are likely to include some single lane and shoulder closures. Wait times for lane closures should be less than 5 minutes.

The web will likely not be updated again until the suspension of work begins at the end of May.

Visit the county website for more information on the project –